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I have been in the field of Therapy for over 25 years and a Sr. Massage Therapy Educator Instructor in South River NJ for 9 years. I having taught so many individuals realize how massage can be beneficial for all no matter their age.

Our goal is to help you feel better as soon as possible. A therapeutic or medical massage at South River NJ session can have so many benefits to you: We will help you relieve chronic pain, soreness, pulled/strained muscles & “go outside the box of traditional massage.

We look forward to seeing you here at ProStar Massage & Holistic Therapy LLC.

Deep Tissue Massage

South River NJ deep tissue massage is a general term that refers to various massage techniques for deeper muscles and connective tissues. When a muscle is injured by a single trauma, inactivity, or repeated use, the result may be a pain, swelling, insufficient blood circulation, accumulation of scar tissue, and the muscle cannot lengthen or contract normally. This leads to constant changes in biomechanics and increases the risk of further injuries and new injuries. Deep tissue massage can help eliminate all of these.

What You Can Expect

ProStar Massage and Holistic Therapy often combine and weave Deep Tissue Massage in South River NJ techniques throughout the treatment to circulate blood to a certain area, break muscle adhesions, and relieve pain trigger points. This type of work is essential to resolve pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

South River NJ Deep Tissue Massage

People have also reported that deep tissue massage helps with:

  • Sciatica South River NJ
  • Sports Injuries
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Fibromyalgia South River NJ
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Tennis Elbow
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