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I have been in the field of Therapy for over 25 years and a Sr. Massage Therapy Educator Instructor in Old Bridge NJ for 9 years. I having taught so many individuals realize how massage can be beneficial for all no matter their age.

Our goal is to help you feel better as soon as possible. A therapeutic or medical massage at Old Bridge NJ session can have so many benefits to you: We will help you relieve chronic pain, soreness, pulled/strained muscles & “go outside the box of traditional massage. We have been voted Twice as “The Best Massage & Healing Spa of our area – 2015 & 2018” We appreciate everyone who voted & have given us our 5 stars reviews over the internet, it is greatly appreciated!

We look forward to seeing you here at ProStar Massage & Holistic Therapy LLC.

What is a Sports Injury?

ProStar Massage & Holistic Therapy has many years of experience in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries. Old Bridge NJ Sports Massage Broadly speaking, the term sports injury refers to the type of injury that occurs most often during sports or exercise. Some sports injuries are accidental; other causes are improper training, insufficient equipment, lack of physical training, or insufficient warm-up and stretching.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy in Old Bridge NJ Sports Massage is a specific field of physiotherapy. A Sports physiotherapist can manage a wide variety of sporting injuries sustained by the elite to the everyday athletes.

Sports Massage in Old Bridge NJ

ProStar Sports Massage involves the disciplines of sports medicine, sports physiotherapy, sports massage and sports rehabilitation to allow us to treat sport-related injury or dysfunction holistically.

Sports medicine covers all aspects of the diagnosis and intervention of injured athletes through biomechanical analysis and evaluation.

Sports massage involves the conditioning of soft tissue injury to its original state.

The physiotherapist is a sports physiotherapist or a physiotherapist who has a strong interest in sports injuries. He usually has sports reporting experience and works closely with sports teams.

Services available at ProStar Clinic:

  • Hydrotherapy Old Bridge NJ
  • Flexible appointments
  • Hands-on treatment sessions
  • Referral to Consultants Old Bridge NJ
  • (sport specific) approach
  • Accurate clinical diagnosis
  • Gym based exercise prescription
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