Cupping Therapy

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Cupping Therapy

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A use of Glass, plastic, Silicone cups to relieve toxins and pain with in the body. Benefits :

According to researchers 70% of the body diseases occur due to improper blood circulation which causes damage to the vital organs resulting in illness. With the passage of time the blood in our vessels starts to accumulate harmful toxins. If such toxins are not eliminated from the body they will make a person more prone to the diseases and it is less likely that the individual will recover rapidly. There are various ways to perform it. In this therapy individual cups are placed on the skin by a therapist for few minutes, as a result suction is created. Different varieties of cups are used in cupping treatment

There is an infinite list of advantages.

  • It is traditionally practiced for the purpose of detoxification of the blood.
  • Other benefits include the treatment of the primary circulatory diseases, pain, cough, backache problems, infertility, and cancer, etc.
  • However, Olympians are using this because it is believed that it can cause the increase in the blood level as well as nutrient supply to the muscles of the body.
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