" Testimonial "

Gabriel Serrano — 5 star Prostar massage is a great establishment. 
massage, and customer service is great.Jimmy Knows what to do and a Great Friend A+++              11081375_10206165799053954_6647948996880115923_n

Shaun Padua — 5 star Jim is not only the best at what he does but  
                                                               he won’t stop doing 
his job till you are 100% healed!  


                          Crystal M.                                 


Stopped in on Thursday with my cousin. I can only speak on my own massage, which was great. I went in for shiatsu but upon speaking with the masseuse, a custom massage was offered and accepted. The facility was serene and clean. The heated blanket on the table was a bonus.My only complaint (I didn’t remove stars BC it had nothing to do with the staff there) was that the phone rang off the hook and since I could hear the recording AND the message being left; I knew it was the proprietor of the business. He called maybe half a dozen times and this was a huge distraction and breach of tranquility. Dude, upgrade your voicemail! The masseuse was professional, unwavering, and did not abandon my massage to answer. My cousin said the same of her masseuse. Regardless- it was an annoyance. The owner should have been pleased that both staff members were busy or have come in to sit at the desk his-damn-self. Again, we both LOVED the service but we put our phones on silent and it would have been nice if the boss man did the same.

Anthony G. 

jimmy Great Guy Been with him for year Gives Great Service Place looks Great A+++ For Me .